Personnel Issues


However, there may be potentially sensitive or contentious instances that require an individual player's feelings and point of view to be taken into account. Such instances might occur when an individual player, or section, is experiencing difficulty in meeting the musical requirements of the repertoire, or in matching the generally desired standard.

In such circumstances the Committee will follow a procedure designed to rectify the situation. This might involve adjustment within the section or, as a last resort, replacement of an individual player. However, it is the aim of Solway Sinfonia to nurture the individual member's sense of their place and importance within the orchestra. So, before considering replacement, active support would be provided to the individual player.

The following procedure will apply:

  1. The Committee will identify the nature of the problem and the options available to rectify it.

  2. A member (normally the section fixer) will be delegated by the Committee to discuss the sensitive issue with the player(s) concerned and, if necessary, oversee the implementation of appropriate support.

  3. In the light of the outcome of step 2 the committee will review the situation and decide whether further action is necessary.

  4. If ultimately a replacement has to be made, the fixer will tactfully convey the committee's decision, explaining the reasoning behind that decision.

  5. Whether any individual meets the standard required will be entirely within the discretion of the management committee (Clause 5 of the Constitution)

[September 2005]