Our major concern is the distance our musicians have to travel to attend rehearsals and concerts.  We are such a widely dispersed community that many members spend over £100 per concert just on fuel.  In order that we can attract the very best players and not discriminate unfairly against those who live furthest away, we offer to reimburse these travelling expenses. We have calculated that if everyone used their own car and needed 15 pence per mile expenses, it would cost the orchestra over £4000 per year. However, many players generously do not claim for travelling. 

In the past we have been extremely fortunate that Dumfries & Galloway Council have awarded us a significant grant which helped towards the cost of travelling expenses but, with the current financial constraints, they have now stopped this support, 2010 being their last grant.  We are, therefore, now entirely dependant on philanthropic support.

If you might be interested in becoming a sponsor or patron, please contact us.

For a donation of £50 or more each year, patrons and sponsors receive :

  • public recognition of patronage / sponsorship in programmes and on this website (with their expressed permission);
  • priority booking of tickets;
  • occasional information about the orchestra;
  • an invitation to occasional social events (such as our summer party).

To Members of the Solway Sinfonia - the best means of recruitment of patrons and sponsors is by direct personal contact by members of the orchestra.  If you wish to print off a leaflet to give to a potential sponsor or patron, click here and then print directly from your web-browser - it is designed to print off on one sheet of A4 paper.

Gift Aid

It is also possible for the members of the orchestra to donate via gift aid.  If you are in a position to do so you can print a gift aid form here.